A Welcome and a Step into blogging about Santa Barbara

Just a note to say welcome to my blog.  I’m the owner of Santa Barbara Walking Tours and I spend my days doing tours of visual art in Santa Barbara.

Ever wondered what it’s like to own a tour company?  Wonder about some of the history of the city of Santa Barbara?  Curious about some of the Artists who lived and worked here?  Me too.  Join me as I continue to figure it all out, learn a bit about things I’ve wondered about my entire life and discover some really cool art — and the artists who created it as I blog my way about the city.


About santabarbarawalks

I grew up in Santa Barbara have always been fascinated by the city’s beauty and rich cultural offerings. I love traveling to other places, but more than that I love coming home to Santa Barbara. There's just no place like it in the world. As an avid traveler who has been hooked on walking tours from the start, I used to wonder why Santa Barbara didn’t have a walking tour to cover some of the eclectic things I saw and loved experiencing on a daily basis. One day I woke up and wanted to find a way to share more of this city with others- from there I headed into the local Historical library and began researching all the things I'd ever wondered about. All sorts of interesting things began to unfold and so here is where I can share it with people who can't physically get here!
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One Response to A Welcome and a Step into blogging about Santa Barbara

  1. Peter Wrench says:

    According to research I conducted, Mary Wesselhoeft is known to her family primarily for her watercolors, over 100 of which are in the family possession. During 1907-1908, she was in Paris and studied with Matisse. She owned a book store in her last years, and played an important role in the intellectual development of a young Leon Litwick, who went on to win a Pulitzer Prize in 1978 for his book “Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery.”

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